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If you are resident in the Netherlands and are interested in temporary or permanent work then NL Jobs has work for you.  Fill out the registration form in full and we will contact you soon after. We may want to interview you in person or by phone.

If you are not resident in the Netherlands then choose your country and language (top right) and we will contact you via one of our offices in Poland, Latvia, Romania or Moldova.

Working for NL Jobs

NL is an agency that has recently celebrated its 12.5 anniversary. During that time the company has grown into a major player in the market. NL specializes in recruiting and selecting employees in Eastern Europe for several sectors . Obviously they care for these and other temporary workers payroll. They also ensures that , where appropriate, various facilities are contained. Examples include housing, transport , insurance and social support of the employees.

Due to the growth of the company we have the following internal vacancies at the moment:

Jobmate - Temp Supervisor M/F Full-Time


You can send your resumé with photo, personal data and information on training and experience mail to

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