Application procedure

Once you have applied yourself via our registration page, we will temporarily add your details to our system. Our recruitment offices asses to which extent your background and your wishes match the jobs that we have available at that moment. Thereafter we will contact you by phone to discuss our offers.

Local recruitment team

If you are enthusiastic, we will make an appointment in one of our offices or if the distance is too large to come by we will discuss the content of our offer via a skype call. A pre-contract is then concluded with you, so that the expectations and agreements about salary, length of stay and costs for our services are directly on paper. Together with you, we plan the trip to the Netherlands, in cooperation with the transport company with which NL Jobs cooperates. If we do not have a suitable job for you or you do not accept our offer, we will remove your data from our system according to the rules of the current privacy law.

Arrival team

In the Netherlands you will be welcomed by our arrival team, they will explain you some essential things about working in the Netherlands, the client where you are going to work and the things you may expect from our side. We also tell you where you will live during your working period in the Netherlands and what the transport planning will look like for your first working week. Then we will share the contact details of your contact person within NL Jobs. This person is available for all the questions you have during the period that you work for NL Jobs.

Accommodation costs & insurance

The costs for accommodation offered by NL Jobs are € 95 per week. The costs for a Dutch health insurance are € 23.60 per week. These costs, as well as the costs for transport to the Netherlands, are automatically deducted from your salary. If you have any questions about working in the Netherlands via NL Jobs, or the application process, it is best to contact one of our offices.


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