Tomato worker (right handed)

  • Middenmeer (NL)
  • 36-40 hours per week
  • fixed-term

Do you want to work in a tomato greenhouse and help you rotate the plants around the string? Minimum 26 weeks.

Job Summary

To ensure that we can harvest many tomatoes, the plants are neatly hung next to each other in the greenhouse. The plant does not automatically grow around the string, but this string is twisted around the plant. This happens every week as the plant grows further. The plant makes new shoots, which remove energy from the main plant. By removing these shoots, the thieves, the main plant gets the energy it needs for making tomatoes.

You are also willing to carry out other horticultural activities if necessary.

Application procedure

After NL Jobs received your application you will be invited by phone for an appointment at one of the recruitment offices. Whenever the distance to the office is to far, the meeting will be arranged via Skype. During the meeting NL Jobs will explain the actual offer. After that together NL Jobs will plan the your trip and stay to the Netherlands.


  • You have at least 6 months experience in turning the tomato plant
  • You are motivated to stay for a longer period of time (at least 26 weeks)
  • You are driven, this company works with targets
  • You have no fear of heights
  • You have no problems with high temperatures
  • You want to make plenty of hours
  • Driving license is an advantage (the fee for driving our car is € 2 per day)


  • We pay weekly wages
  • € 10.05 hourly wage 
  • This company works with a bonus structure, which can lead up to 20% of a week salary
  • With demonstrable experience in this function you can earn a higher starting salary
  • Housing: € 95.00 per week
  • Health insurance: € 24.82 per week
  • Transport: From house to work = for free. Arranged by NL Jobs.


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