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Looking for jobs in the Netherlands?

Have you always wanted to work abroad? Are you looking for jobs in the Netherlands? Then look no further, because NL Jobs can offer you this solution. The Netherlands is an attractive country to work in, because in terms of unemployment, the Netherlands have one of the lowest rates of the European Union. This is the 6th lowest rate in Europe to be exact. Recent trends have even shown an increase in the Dutch employment, which is good if you are indeed looking for a job. Does working in the Netherlands interest you? Read further if you want to get a well-payed job in the Netherlands! 

Jobs in the Netherlands - Expectations

Are you curious about available jobs in the Netherlands? We are more than happy to help you with your search to get the best job offer in a sector where there is always work available. We operate comprehensively and will take care of your transport to the Netherlands. NL Jobs also offers quality hotel and self-catering accommodation. The diverse range of accommodation that we service includes, hotel rooms, houses, apartments and pensions. In the Netherlands it is also obligatory to have a Dutch health insurance for all people who live and work there. You won’t have to worry about this, because we will make sure to arrange Dutch health insurance for the time that you work in the Netherlands. 

Jobs in agriculture

We offer a lot of agriculture job opportunities. This is because the outdoor vegetable farms employ the most employees in the Netherlands. When looking for work, you have the best chance in this type of employment, because it takes a great number of people to harvest crops. NL Jobs of course have a great range of job vacancies in this sector. Want to look at our available job offers? Visit this page!

Red tomatoes in the Netherlands

One of the many jobs we have is harvesting red tomatoes. What do you need to do when working with red tomatoes? Your activities will consist of leaf cutting, pruning and other horticultural activities if necessary. You will walk with carts full of tomatoes past the tomato plants where the ripe clusters of the plant will be cut. To ensure that there can be harvest many tomatoes, the plants are neatly hung next to each other in the greenhouse. Once the first bunches have been harvested, about 1 bunch per plant will be harvested every week during the life cycle of the plant.

Good to know!

Do you want to work with your wife or husband and are you looking for Netherlands jobs for couples? That won’t be any problem, because finding employment for couples also falls within the possibilities of NL Jobs. We even encourage it! Furthermore, we have plenty old-age jobs for Romanians. We think that being driven is a much more valuable asset than someone’s age. If you are positive, motivated and of old age, NL Jobs can always guide you to a job offer. Furthermore, it is also not mandatory to have a degree to work in one of our jobs., because there NL Jobs also offer unqualified Netherlands jobs. You simply have to be motivated, hardworking and friendly to fulfil one of these positions! 

Do you have any questions?

If you have special questions or any questions that aren’t answered yet, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or you can call one of our employees on phone number: +31 174 626 595. It is also possible to send us an e-mail!

Are you looking for jobs in the Netherlands?

Do you want to work abroad in the Netherlands? NL Jobs will help you find the perfect match. We are eager to receive your registration!

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