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"NL Jobs offers 24/7 support; the office is very responsive and acts quickly in unconventional situations"

Introduce yourself:

My name is Lelde Vītola and I'm from Latvia. I have been working as a recruiter at Dutchrecruit in Riga, where I was representing NL Jobs and Westflex. I love outdoor sports. I cycle and also run marathons in Latvia. I also did this last year with my colleague Anete. Together we walked 120 km along the coast all the way from Riga to the Estonian border. 

Tell us about your job as recruiter, what did a working day look like?

I first worked in the Netherlands for six months, I worked in horticulture, production and warehouses. At the moment I was working as a recruiter, my day looked like this: Every morning at work starts with a cup of coffee with my colleagues - Santa and Anete, while we discuss the plans of the day to get through the day productively. Then we get to work - call all applicants / candidates who want to work abroad; register people who come to apply for jobs with us. We do our best to match each candidate with a vacancy that best suits them. I feel satisfied and proud when a person leaves to the Netherlands, and post on social media for a while that they are happy with the workplace and the opportunity they have been given.

What do you think of the Netherlands as a country?

I really like the friendly atmosphere in the Netherlands. The Dutch are very attentive and helpful. I also really enjoyed the nice sightseeing places I have visited such as Kinderdijk. 

What makes your office in Riga so special?

I have worked with several Dutch agencies and I like the fact that the office in Riga offers people a fair chance to earn a living and realise their dreams.

Tell us about the collaboration with Westflex:

We at the Riga office represent two agencies - Westflex and NL Jobs. Westflex offers more employment opportunities for men in technical jobs. The partnership started 5 years ago and has proven successful and will continue to do so in the future.

Are there areas where NL Jobs could improve?

Just like with people, there will always be room for improvement in a company. Personally, I would like to see more Latvian contacts working at the head office of NL Jobs, so that our temporary workers can be helped even better.

Why would you recommend people to work for NL Jobs?

I recommend working with us, because NL Jobs always keeps its promises. Good employees are well paid.

In addition, compared to the other Dutch agencies I have worked for, NL Jobs offers 24/7 support; the office is very responsive and acts quickly in unconventional situations.

Do you have any other comments?

All people who want to have a good time and earn some extra money are welcome at NL Jobs!


  • Year-round work
  • Personal support
  • Good housing
  • Weekly payment
  • Free transport