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Greenpack in Maasdijk (municipality of Westland, the Netherlands) is one of the largest packaging and distribution centers for fruit and vegetables in Western Europe. The entire internal process is aimed at efficient and food-safe processing of products. And fast is really fast at Greenpack: products that are harvested in the morning are often packed in the afternoon for distribution to customers all over the world.

Greenpack has more than 40 packaging lines where mainly tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are packed. Greenpack employs employees of very diverse nationalities. There is a buddy for everyone from day 1. Buddies help new employees to learn the work, but also to explain to you how other things work within Greenpack.

In the video below we show you what you can expect when you start working at Greenpack.

At Greenpack you work in a group schedule, 4 working days and then 2 days off. Your days off or 'weekend' will be moved up 1 day every week. Below we show you an example of what your work schedule could look like.

Week 1
Monday -       Working day                 Friday -     Day Off
Tuesday -      Working day                 Saturday - Day off
Wednesday - Working day                 Sunday -   Working
Thursday -     Working day

Week 2
Monday -       Working day                 Friday -     Day Off
Tuesday -      Working day                 Saturday - Working day
Wednesday - Working day                 Sunday -   Working day
Thursday -     Day off

You can come and work extra on one of your two days off, if you wish. Indicate that you would like to work an extra day and we'll make sure we schedule you!

During the breaks you can enjoy a good cup of coffee in the spacious canteens. Every now and then a nice company drink is organized in the Greenpack café. The annual Christmas market is also a well-known phenomenon. All Greenpack employees are then allowed to choose their own Christmas gift from beautifully decorated stalls.

At Greenpack, plenty of opportunities are offered to employees. In this way, if you perform well, you can learn new functions and thus grow in the company.

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  • Year-round work
  • Weekly payment
  • Your own buddy
  • Free transport
  • Opportunity to work extra days per week
  • Good housing

Jobs at Greenpack

Gita Remesa Greenpack
"NL Jobs employees are sympathetic. If I have questions or problems, they are solved and answered immediately"
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Madalina Scripcariu Greenpack
"Wherever I went, I was warmly welcomed and they explained to me very well from the start what I should do"
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