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  • hourly rate € 13.27
  • hours per week 30-45
  • duration 3+ months

Do you want to work abroad? Are you ready for change and do you want a better salary? Do you like to work as a packer? Come and start working in the Netherlands now at NL Jobs. Along with more than 2,000 other temporary workers. We offer year-round work, weekly payment and personal support. We also provide housing and transport if necessary.


Full-time (temporary employment contract)
Maasdijk (30 minutes from Rotterdam and the Hague)


You're working on a production line as a packer of tomatoes. On the production line you are working with several colleagues. Every production line has a line leader. It's your job to sort, weigh, and pack the tomatoes. It's about putting the right weight of tomatoes in the packaging. Bad tomatoes also need to be thrown away. It's important that you work good and fast. The bandleader will help you with this.

Every working day you go to work by car or bike. If you live very close, you can even walk there. What time you have to start depends on the shift you work in.

Katarzyna Tomczak Looye
"NL Jobs is a responsible company that takes care of its employees"
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Barbara Molska Looye
"You can come to NL Jobs with all your problems, within this company you are not alone"
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Gita Remesa Greenpack
"NL Jobs employees are sympathetic. If I have questions or problems, they are solved and answered immediately"
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Madalina Scripcariu Greenpack
"Wherever I went, I was warmly welcomed and they explained to me very well from the start what I should do"
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  • You are fit to do physical work
  • You want to work abroad for a longer period (at least 12 weeks)
  • You speak Dutch, English, Polish, Romanian, Latvian or Russian
    Other languages must be discussed in advance with the company
  • Having a driver’s license is an advantage
    You can earn an extra €5.00 net per day by driving a car of NL jobs
No need
  • You don't have to speak Dutch
  • You don't have to speak English
  • Having housing in the Netherlands is not necessary
  • You do not need your own transport
  • No specific education is required for this position
  • No need for any experience as packer



Payment                         € 13.27 per hour (gross)
Working hours                30 to 45 hours per week
Accommodation             € 120,00 per week
Health insurance            € 37,50 per week
Travel (commuting)        Free


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The Netherlands - Place to be

What to expect...

The Netherlands is a small country located in the Western part of Europe. It is home to over 17 million people, from countless nationalities. The Netherlands is known for it's tall residents, typical traditions and good working/living conditions. Amsterdam (capital), Rotterdam, The Hague and even smaller cities like Leiden and Volendam are worth visiting. All of these cities are located within one hour travel distance from us! Yearly 20 million tourists visit this little country next to the Northsea. NL Jobs gives you the opportunity to both work and experience all the highlights the Netherlands has to offer. Let's cooperate!


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