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Privacy Statement NL Jobs

NL Jobs

NL Jobs is the trading name of the companies Oranjevliet B.V., Oranjevliet Nederland B.V., NL Jobs Holland B.V., and NL Jobs UZB B.V.
NL Jobs is registered at Tuindersweg 49, 2676 BD Maasdijk, Netherlands.
This Privacy Statement is intended to inform you about how we process the personal data you provide us with voluntarily.
Your personal data will be processed by NL Jobs very carefully, with appropriate security measures in place that comply with the laws and regulations as listed in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Why we collect your personal data

Companies may collect personal data for a specific purpose only and the processing must be justified on a legal basis provided for in the GDPR.
We will process your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. to comply with laws and regulations;
  2. to enter into and maintain an employee-employer relationship, and to ensure proper administration;
  3. to assess your suitability and availability for a certain role and/or job;
  4. to place you with a company and to conclude an agreement accordingly and comply therewith;
  5. to provide you with training or training opportunities and other work-related services such as transport, accommodation, and health insurance;
  6. to assess whether you are eligible for a premium discount and/or grant or to assess whether you qualify under a premium discount or grant scheme;
  7. to comply with our re-integration obligations and to meet the government’s policy of helping people with limited opportunities on the job market into work;
  8. to inform you about our services, and other activities and/or content;
  9. to meet quality objectives such as certification;
  10. for management purposes including management information, carrying out internal checks, ensuring occupational health and safety, and carrying out audits and accountancy checks;
  11. to allow you access to and use of our decided website and portal, and the intranet.

All of these purposes have a legal base which is included in the GDPR:

  • a requirement for the performance of a contract;
  • a requirement to comply with a legal obligation.

When we collect your personal data

We collect your data at various points.

  • when you register with one of our recruitment offices in the Netherlands or abroad. Only the data which is necessary for recruitment and selection is collected at this point;
  • when you conclude an employment contract with us;
  • when you visit our website and provide personal details.

What personal information we collect

The personal data we collect is necessary for us to perform our services. Without this data, we cannot perform our work as a temporary employment agency.

We collect the following data:

  • your name, address, email address, and other contact details;
  • your date of birth, gender, and marital status;
  • data related to HR, payroll, and absence administration;
  • data related to identification.

We will not process any sensitive personal data about your religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. unless you explicitly provide consent.

The data we process is necessary for us to properly maintain the employment relationship that we have with you. If you do not provide all the data we request, we will not be able to properly maintain the employment relationship that we have with you and we will not be able to offer you any employment.

Who we share your personal data with

Your personal data is only shared with parties which have a legitimate interest in accessing your data, parties which are legally obliged to access your data, or parties to whom your data is highly relevant in order to perform the employment contract. In such cases, your data is still only shared when strictly necessary.
We share your data with other entities within NL Jobs, our clients, data processors such as our salary software supplier, government agencies, and audit bodies. Also, there may be circumstances under which we are obliged to forward your data, such as in the event that a court order is issued or a judgment is handed down.
Your data will not be shared with parties from outside the European Union.

How long we will store your details for

Data will be stored as it is determent by Data Protection Law. (GDPR) 

Your rights

The GDPR lays down a number of rights that you as the data subject enjoy.

These rights are:

  • the right to data portability. You can ask us to transfer your data to another organization;
  • the right to be forgotten. You can ask us to remove all of your data. However, we can only agree to your request if we no longer need to retain your data for the purposes for which we collected it;
  • the right to access. You have the right to see what data we process about you;
  • the right to rectification and supplement. You may ask us to rectify or supplement data about you we process which is not correct;
  • the right to restriction of processing. If we process information about you which is not correct, necessary or no longer needed, you may ask us to stop processing it;
  • the right to automated decision-making and profiling. If we use automated decision-making, you may ask us to perform a human check on an automated decision. NL Jobs does not use automated decision-making or profiling;
  • the right to object to data processing. If we process data on the basis of a general or legitimate interest, you may object your data being processed. However, the interest on the basis of which we process your data could outweigh your interest. 

If you have specifically given your consent to the processing of certain personal data, you are allowed to withdraw this consent.

If you wish to exercise one of the rights above, please contact us at:
Please provide the following information in your email:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Temporary employee number (found on your pay slip)
  • Which right you wish to exercise
  • Telephone number which we can reach you on if necessary

We will get in touch with you after we receive your email. We strive to carry out your request within one month. For more complicated requests, we strive to carry out your request within three months. We will notify you within 1 month.


At NL Jobs, we do everything we can to ensure all your personal data is as secure and well protected as possible. We have taken various organizational, physical, administrative, and technical measures to do so. If you want to retrieve certain data, for example, we can ask you to prove your identity at our office before the data can be revealed. Not all NL Jobs employees have access to all data and information; only authorized persons do. We are constantly working with our software suppliers to improve the security of our systems.


If you have a complaint or a question with regard to your personal data, please contact your Jobmate or email us at
Please provide the following information in your email:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Temporary employee number (found on your pay slip)
  • Reason for your complaint

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with how we deal with your personal data, you can always send a complaint to the Dutch data protection authority, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. Their telephone number and a complaint form can be found on their website under ‘Contact us’.