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''In recent years, NL Jobs has made great progress.''

Introduce yourself:

My name is Katarzyna Kobuszynska and I am from Wroclaw, Poland. I am currently working in horticulture at Noordvliet. I have no plans yet. My goal is to save as much money as possible.

Why did you come to the Netherlands?

Like most people, I came to the Netherlands to earn better money than in my country.

How did you get in contact with NL Jobs?

My friend recommended this job to me

What do you like about the beautiful country, named Holland?

Amazing roads for bikes and beautiful houses that I associate with dollhouses.

How would you describe NL Jobs?

In recent years, NL Jobs has made great progress. The salary is always on time, and if something happens, we always get information. Very good contact.

Tell us something about your current job. How does a day look like?

I work as 'draaier'. I twist the string around the plant to make it grow upwards.

Are there any points on which NL Jobs can improve in your opinion?

NL jobs could think of additional bonuses for employees who have been working for many years.

Why would you recommend other people to join NL?

I recommend NL Jobs because it is a reliable company.

  • Year-round work
  • Personal support
  • Good housing
  • Weekly payment
  • Free transport