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''NL Jobs is a very serious company who respects their employees.''

Please introduce yourself:

Hello, my name is Larisa Ghiciu and I am from Romania. I work at Combivliet, Noordvliet location. I started working for NL Jobs at the summer of 2020. I found the company throughout internet.

Why did you came to the Netherlands?

I came to the Netherlands to find myself a job.

What do you like about the beautiful country, named the Netherlands?

I like the fact that the wages ar higher than in my home country and that this country offers many jobs.

How would you describe NL Jobs?

It is a very serious company who respects their employees.

Tell us something about your current job. How does a day look like?

I like to work fast and make good quality. My maintask is to cut the leave, so the tomatoe plant gets space to grow again. I am working in a international team and time passes very quickly at work.

What are your future plans?

To earn enough money to buy my own house and to grow so I can earn an even better salary.

What are your hobbys?

Definately music! And I like to walk in my spare time.

Are there any point on which NL Jobs can improve in your opinion?

Not all accommodations are in good condition. I would love to see bigger salary differences between experienced and new people.

Why would you recommend other people to join NL Jobs?

Becasue NL Jobs is a serioud company that offers stable and long term contracts to motivated people, no matter where they come from.

  • Year-round work
  • Personal support
  • Good housing
  • Weekly payment
  • Free transport